Mehdi Hellou

Robotics/AI student

Detection of human emotions

This project adheres to a course I followed up during my exchange semester at Laval University (Québec), Computer Vision. A link to the description of the course (French link) here.

The project's purpose was to build a program to detect face and predict the emotion expressed by the person among a list of three: Happiness, Sadness and Surprise. The program uses the Face Landmark Detection in openCV and a SVM model train on LBPH (Local Binary Pattern Histogram) of a dataset of a face with different emotions.

​The two methods and their predictions are made simultaneously, and in case of disagreement, the landmark predictions are privileged. ​In the video just below, you can see a demo. To distinct the emotions, a sun appears in the right corner for the happy emotion, water appear for sad emotion, and thunder appears for the surprise emotion.